What I really wanted to say…

I don’t know any other way to get this out of my heart. So, here’s what I really wanted to say: Some people choose to fail when they refuse to change. Or accept help. Thanks for leaving me and my team in a bind. Thanks for leaving 160 students abandoned, because that’s what teenagers deal […]


such anticipation the future, not blank, not black but festively wrapped   deferred. deferred. a dream deferred. the future a blur   this is how people lose faith. i was ready for something big, now it’s blank.   in a dark room there’s a light under the door i can’t see where it’s coming from   […]

feeling prosetic.

As the sun sets behind me, I watch the shadows grow over the foothills while I climb towards the horizon. I expect at any moment to top a hill and discover the mountain they lead to. At dusk, I realize there is no mountain on the horizon. I am the mountain. -CL

Happening now… 

I kid you not, I took these pictures in my house this morning.  We have a potluck at church today and I wanted to bring something healthy. An adult carrot slipped in!  But look what I found behind hubby’s backpack…  It is always an adventure here…  -CL 

i wish it were a hoax

I’ve been thinking, today (and off and on for the last ten years), that I wish my mom’s death were a hoax. While I know the truth in my head and in my heart… my mind still wanders sometimes. I believe it is human nature to hold on to hope. Maybe she ratted out an […]

Wise words. 

I’ve been thinking about something my grandad said to me when I was about 14 years old. Like most teenagers, I knew everything.     Over the years I’ve come to terms with a general discomfort with the fact that some things cannot be known, and now, rather than fear it, I’m humbled by it and captivated […]

10 years and a yellow butterfly

10 years ago I woke up and I heard voices in the other room. I knew what was happening and rolled over to tell my sister. I laid there and waited for them to come get us. I walked out to the living room and stood there while I tried to piece together a world […]