What I really wanted to say…

I don’t know any other way to get this out of my heart. So, here’s what I really wanted to say:

  • Some people choose to fail when they refuse to change. Or accept help.
  • Thanks for leaving me and my team in a bind.
  • Thanks for leaving 160 students abandoned, because that’s what teenagers deal with super well, when some of them have already had 2 other teachers do that to them this year.
  • I really appreciate your half truths, super professional notice and how you helped ease the transition for us. -_-
  • I feel like I failed. I failed you and 160 other people who’ve been been failed before. I feel like I’m scrambling to make sure they don’t leave with nothing. I feel like their experience will diminish something I love so much in their hearts. I feel like they are at the highest risk for not continuing on. Of hating something beautiful. Of connecting something amazing with their thoughts of disarray and abandonment.
  • I’m mad. I’m mad that you deleted us on social media when you sent that email. I couldn’t care less about myself in that mix, I’m mad that you hurt my team when you did it. I’m mad that we were family. That we genuinely loved you. That you didn’t consider them. I’m not saying it would or should have changed your decision, but I think remembering your BLUE teammates might have changed how you went about it.
  • I’m mourning a loss. Yours. I’m mourning a vacancy. Not just yours, but my own, as I leave my classroom to go and fill yours several times a week. My kids’ success is compromised while I work to stop the hemorrhaging 2 doors down.
  • I’m disheartened. I have a vision, and I’m working really hard to achieve it and make it a reality to increase the success of our students. This seems like a huge set back. Emotionally, kids disengage. Its not my vision that upsets me, its the success of kids. My kids. Our kids. At least, they were.

Edit: Post written Fall of 2013


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