(I wrote this post Dec. 28, 2017; didn’t have the courage to share until today, my birthday). Today, on the 12th anniversary of my mom’s passing, I’d like to share a story. My mom had 3 brothers, all of them older. She rode bikes up and down the streets of Mansfield, Ohio with them. They […]


Today I got to ring the bell for All Saints Day. I genuinely miss playing handbells. For a few minutes I helped create an experience for worshipers in church today. For a few seconds after each name, the bell penetrated the silence as an acknowledgement of our loss and a simultaneous acknowledgment of the communion of […]


Just a quick thought:  It is sad when having integrity makes it seem as if you are the dishonest player. What does that say about the world?  -CL 

What I really wanted to say…

I don’t know any other way to get this out of my heart. So, here’s what I really wanted to say: Some people choose to fail when they refuse to change. Or accept help. Thanks for leaving me and my team in a bind. Thanks for leaving 160 students abandoned, because that’s what teenagers deal […]


such anticipation the future, not blank, not black but festively wrapped   deferred. deferred. a dream deferred. the future a blur   this is how people lose faith. i was ready for something big, now it’s blank.   in a dark room there’s a light under the door i can’t see where it’s coming from   […]

feeling prosetic.

As the sun sets behind me, I watch the shadows grow over the foothills while I climb towards the horizon. I expect at any moment to top a hill and discover the mountain they lead to. At dusk, I realize there is no mountain on the horizon. I am the mountain. -CL

Happening now… 

I kid you not, I took these pictures in my house this morning.  We have a potluck at church today and I wanted to bring something healthy. An adult carrot slipped in!  But look what I found behind hubby’s backpack…  It is always an adventure here…  -CL