2 bathrooms

2 bathrooms, a tale of a mom with sons. I dreamed of a master bathroom. I imagined every nostalgic husband-wife bathroom war scenario you see in the sitcoms. I dreamed of a guest bathroom—a place free of occupation, a place my guests could urinate in sterile peace. Meanwhile, I forgot that my own children would […]

How to pack and move

Step 1: stand alone in your house and try to prioritize all the things you need to do. Step 2: begin a spiral downward into crippling anxiety Step 3: open the Pandora app before everything goes black Step 4: breathe and pack. Breathe and pack.

I’m rich

“I’m rich; I’m rich; I’m rich…” My four year old was singing this over and over in the backseat of the car this evening. I laughed. I was intrigued. “Why do you think we are rich?”, I asked. “Because we have a lot of money!”, he happily replied. I half laughed, half shook my head, […]


http://a.co/5kuVIVq This Amazon wishlist is for my friend, Amy, and her 5 foster kids! On Thursday she was approved as a foster parent! 30 minutes later, she got her first emergency placement of FIVE (5) kids! Her heart is full… and now, so it her house and her car!!! Haha. She didn’t have any time […]


(I wrote this post Dec. 28, 2017; didn’t have the courage to share until today, my birthday). Today, on the 12th anniversary of my mom’s passing, I’d like to share a story. My mom had 3 brothers, all of them older. She rode bikes up and down the streets of Mansfield, Ohio with them. They […]


Today I got to ring the bell for All Saints Day. I genuinely miss playing handbells. For a few minutes I helped create an experience for worshipers in church today. For a few seconds after each name, the bell penetrated the silence as an acknowledgement of our loss and a simultaneous acknowledgment of the communion of […]


Just a quick thought:  It is sad when having integrity makes it seem as if you are the dishonest player. What does that say about the world?  -CL